With the Bitstrips app can create personal comics with her and her friends users. With the little picture you share on Facebook mood surprised with friends or with very individual greetings.

create comic avatar in the app Bitstrips

The Android application gives users access to a virtual world where they can sit as a comic figure in the scene. Before you can create individual caricatures, only an avatar has to be created.

Bitstrips requires a personal login that is most easily done through Facebook. Then you can start with the creation of its two-dimensional ego. First you choose for male or female and then brings the face into shape. The provider made possible by a wide range of details, the maximum approach to the human template. In particular, the subtle attributes such as the size of the pupil or shape of the eyebrows ensure a high level of recognition among acquaintances.

Also physique and proportional size were constructed with great attention to detail and can be adapted. Who put together his avatar in the Facebook app, even the possibility of clothing and accessories to match your own style.

Bitstrips app

create comic Bitstrips

If one has compiled his likeness in the Bitstrips app, it can be staged. The application offers a wide range of situations, which are delivered as wallpapers. The comics are divided moods, situations and announcements in the categories and the app automatically loads the avatar to preset positions.

Adjustable sight lines, facial expressions, body postures and speech or thought bubbles offer plenty of scope for individual designs. With these tools the importance of the given situations can be changed and an all-new comic strip created.

Access to social networks

Who uses to log in to Bitstrips the Facebook account, has to make the opportunities for many comics and friends. For this, the application offers a lot of scenes with two people. Each user can decide which of the two roles he wants to occupy himself. Here, too, facial expressions can be varied and balloons are inserted.

Bitstrips app Comics

put Avatar in photos

The world of Avatar is not just limited to the pre-designed templates, because users can also create your own photo comics. For this, you take a photo or a picture from the gallery of the smartphone and adds his own avatar. Here, too, different gestures, facial expressions and text can be inserted. Of course, can also share in a variety of social networks, the finished image.

Bitstrips App Photo