Web.de app

Web.de app

With Web.de App users manage not only his Web.de account, but also from other suppliers – because if he wants to. Plus this app includes other various useful features.

The Web.de app for easy managing one’s own e-mail accounts

With Web.de app the user manages its entire e-mails on the way and very mobile. He has his address book with all his contacts always at hand. Even if it seems so; Web.de the app is not only for e-mail accounts from web.de. you integrated accounts from other providers. So this app is almost unique to date on this scale in the market. Here is the Web.de app now available for the Android operating system for smartphones. So that this also works on mobile phones, it needs at least Android OS 2.2. What other e-mail tools for free download everything can be compared here.

The functions and extra features of functional Web.de app

As used by users of the Web page that shows web.de Android app the mails in different inboxes at. So that the user knows that a new message has arrived, he gets himself in selectable intervals push notifications. For this, the user can also set different ring tones for push notification, so that he always knows where his more or less many folders inputs a new mail has arrived now.

Web.de app

Furthermore, it is for the Web.de App Android version is a very safe app because, to start, demands a pin.

Layout and usability for the classic Web.de Android app

The design of Web.de app is plain and solid. It is straightforward and clearly structured, but nice is different. Through this simplicity, the app can also serve as good both app connoisseurs as well as app users beginners. The user can easily switch between the different options, be it the different inboxes or Konktakliste, switchen back and forth and never loses track.

Web.de App Overview