Anno 1701 Patch

Anno 1701 Patch

The Anno 1701 patch brings the third installment of the popular series of games on the last state of affairs. The free update is available for both the original game as well as for its extension Anno 1701: The Sunken Dragon ready for download.

The Anno 1701 patch download secures strategy game fun

The previous five-part Anno series – consisting of Anno 1503, 1602, 1701, 1404 and 2070 – is one of the most popular business simulations and trading game software. Who wants to enjoy its dealer existence in the third part of the Anno series with all its possibilities fully, comes to the free Anno 1701 patch download hardly around. So the game update not only provides the Remedy annoying errors. It also brings new features and game enhancements.

Anno 1701 patch download

The most important change that comes with the patch, concerns the multiplayer mode. That is, serious disturbances and former connection problems related to multiplayer games have been fixed with the patch 1:04. In addition, the free update also gives attention to errors in games in which the owner of the original games with those that the add-on called The Curse of the Dragon its own measure. For Add-on player and without add-on player So is now a smooth game play ensures become.

What the patch of the popular trading game still includes

As usual for the release of patch updates, the latest version has of course always the Improvements to previous versions on board. This is also true for the Anno 1701 patch download. The latest version 1.04 contains the above updates every optimizations from 1:01. These include the New Reward Ships fourth medal stage Increasing the trade routes from 20 to 50 Piece as well as a new distributor contract. In addition, all spelling errors have been removed, the graphics improved and the entire optimized handling of the ship’s officers.

Anno 1701 patch download improvements

Anno 1701 patch a must for Anno freaks

Right Anno fans will in 1701 still appreciate despite the publication of further parts of the third part – be it because of the possibility of endless play or because of the search for the right island for the construction of the Kontor. The published in October 2006 was the first game that was developed by Related Designs: The predecessor came from the House Max Design. Not only the change that no more campaigns are included, but each player can choose goals for the game, made it to the predecessors particularly. In addition, the new element village center that brings, among other guests, which act directly on the gameplay comes. Critical Update for Anno 1701 This here free download of Anno 1701 patch contains all previous patches for the cult game. These repaired already various problems both technical and playful kind Who by gambles through the various Anno parts -. Should not miss the patch.