PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer

The free PowerPoint Viewer download ensures that presentations can be played even without the same Microsoft product on the screen. As the viewer or viewer comes without other features it offers no target for macro viruses. The tool supports most older and current versions of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Viewer Download: Free viewer for PowerPoint slides

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software worldwide. Its uses range from school and university area to presentations in the business sector. In PowerPoint itself, there is a page-oriented program. Individual pages are commonly referred to as ‘films’. Each slide can be provided with numerous design elements. For example, films can be flexible and clearly filled with components such as text, graphics, hyperlinks, videos, animations and music.

PowerPoint Viewer Download

Usually you need to play PowerPoint presentations, the expensive office suite on the PC. But if you just want fast times to check out a PPT is correct or read a presentation in the lecture, certainly has no interest, first to buy Microsoft Office. Exactly for these cases there is the free PowerPoint Viewer Download.

PPT viewer with easy to follow user interface

That for a brief look into a PowerPoint presentation not learning a new software is desired, was fortunately taken into account at the surface. Thus, the operation of the tools designed very simple: Immediately after the start an open dialog appears on the loading the desired presentation in the familiar PPT format. A built-in help function also leads newcomers into the program navigation including keyboard shortcuts.

PowerPoint Viewer Download - program help

The freeware also provides a full-screen next to the window. Navigation through the PowerPoint slides is either via mouse or keyboard. A presentation to break off like in Microsoft PowerPoint. For this, the user presses the Esc key and already the presentation along with the program window closes. To start the presentation from the front, it is enough to hold down the right mouse button for two seconds.

PowerPoint slides Print

With the PowerPoint Viewer download to display presentations not only, but also to print. Alternatively, the tool will print a single sheet, a film sequence, or the complete PPT file on paper. In the print menu can be reached either via dialog menu via the right mouse button or via the menu icon on the bottom right in the taskbar.

PPT viewer for free from Microsoft

As the name suggests, is in PowerPoint Viewer is a pure viewer. To create custom presentations a full presentation software is needed. As a free assistant for presentations, numerous alternatives to Microsoft Office offer themselves in such cases. This includes, for example, OpenOffice, films can be created in an instant with the module ‘Impress’. Supported formats: PowerPoint 97, XP, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. One limitation, however, there. This allows the user to versions must use the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack in 2007. then use the tool also formats like PPTX and PPS can be opened.