See the new WhatsApp Status anonymous? That's how it's done!

See the new WhatsApp Status anonymous? That’s how it’s done!

The new status feature also about who has viewed the status information. A trick but you can the View WhatsApp Status anonymous. here’s how it goes!

By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS users of the messenger get a new status function. The feature is reminiscent of Snapchat, because after 24 hours, the uploaded pictures or videos automatically disappear. And another thing is new: Who has published a status that can see who has called them. But what if you want to look around unnoticed on the profiles and status updates? Then you can resort to one of these two tricks!

Watch this trick to WhatsApp Status anonymous

WhatsApp indeed offers all sorts of options in order to protect his privacy. This also includes that you can turn off (the blue check mark) the read receipt. And that’s the lever that has to be ansetzten if you want to view the status WhatsApp anonymous. The option of this is found in the main menu (behind the three dots) and among settings and account. Now Privacy read receipt must under the option to remove the check mark from the point. This works also temporarily by the way: So off read receipt, check status and enable read receipt again. Already you can frolic on any status messages of contacts to leave at this without a trace. But there’s a second trick that you can apply all those who do not want to give up the read receipt.

View WhatsApp Status anonymousView WhatsApp Status anonymous? Disable simply read receipt! (Screenshot: WhatsApp / Editorial)

The alternative variant: Activate the flight mode

An old WhatsApp Trick – popular with all who want to read messages without appearing even as online to bypass the update of the time stamp or the blue check mark: The flight mode. When this is activated in the settings of the phone, the connection is lost to the servers of the Messengers and there is no transmission of any more user data. Also, to view the status WhatsApp anonymous, therefore suitable this procedure. This requires only the flight mode enabled open after WhatsApp, view the desired status, close WhatsApp and disable Airplane mode back to the main settings of the phone. The trick works not only with images, but actually, if the contact has uploaded a video: Perfect for any stalker heart that wants to check the status of WhatsApp secretly.

The temporary status: revenge on Snapchat?

Immediately after the introduction of the function of the self-destructive state, tempers boiled over proverbial. Almost the entire network wanted to return to the old status and made fun of the cheap Snapchat copy. Because it actually is: WhatsApp copied shamelessly from the competition and that has an even paler connotation than imitating successful concepts anyway: Facebook, which has already swallowed WhatsApp, Snapchat offered namely first one billion, later even three billion USD for the Sociale network. The developers rejected the offer, however, and went himself to the stock exchange. A decision that certainly pushes open the management of Facebook still bitter – and now almost manic attempts Zuckerberg Eschen company explain to copy the successful network.