ClickCon is a fun picture guessing game based on the principle of the well-known "Dalli-click". Any number of images to be imported there and started the game by pressing the space bar. Each consecutive press releases a certain randomly shot.

The ClickCon Download brings Dalli-click on the screen

Older semester remember surely still on "Dalli-click" from the TV show Dalli Dalli with Hans Rosenthal. This was one of the most popular television shows in the 70s to mid 80s. This was due in 1975 also "Dalli click" at. The objective of the small rate game was as quickly as possible to recognize a motif after more and more parts of a slide were uncovered. With the ClickCon Download the entertaining frame rates can also play on the PC.

ClickCon download

use your own picture collection for the guessing game

For the rebus own photos used. The player clicks this Load File and images. He selects any photos of your own hard drive and can save them on request in an image list. This has the advantage that you can not again have to search out all the motifs again before a new ClickCon Round and instead can rely on the existing photo collection. By clicking on the space bar, the frame rates starts. Piece by piece is revealed the image and it turns out, those who recognize first the first hidden motive correctly.

ClickCon Download image list

Five different puzzle templates are available in ClickCon to choose from

The images will be selected at random. First, the subject is completely hidden by puzzle pieces. The player has in the settings to choose how many items are on display. By default, there are 7 times 7, so 49 pieces. The Color and shape of the puzzle pieces, the player can set according to your own taste. Here are five different puzzle templates to choose from. a random choice here is done on request at each picture.

The transparency of puzzle pieces is arbitrary

The Transparency of the hidden parts can be set from 0 to 100 percent. By default, the value is opaque at 0, so at. Finally, in the settings of the delay can not be determined during the automatic flow in seconds. A click with the left mouse button covers the image in ClickCon on request once completely. Further rate games for free download can be found in our software catalog.

ClickCon Download Templates

Tricky picture puzzles in Dalli-click style Of the ClickCon download brings the legendary Dalli clicking game from the seventies to the Windows desktop. For a short, entertaining rate round during the lunch break, the little games is pretty good. Even large collections of images can be integrated for the frame rates. However ClickCon is similar to Dalli-click now even a bit older. It lacks in rate competition with multiple participants also individual settings for the other players.

Limitations of ClickCon

To use ClickCon fully, it must be enabled via a registration code. Missing this code is requested after five images shown of the registration code.