With SketchUp even beginners in an instant magic impressive 3D models. but the freeware is not only suitable for the design of three-dimensional graphics. In addition, she also assumes the function of communication and creativity tools.

Creation of complex 3D objects with SketchUp Download

In developing SketchUp considerable emphasis was placed on ease of use. Simple tools allow the insertion of buildings and textures. The former 500 euro expensive professional software provides camera functions for viewing from multiple angles. For the exact design of components are of dimensions and axis functions.

Send produce 3D models on PC

SketchUp creates three-dimensional models on the computer from which images or animations can be created again. Originated by the company SketchUp @Last software. The software was designed for the field of architecture and first published in the 2000th Since the CAD program is quite good for Google Earth building models, SketchUp was acquired in March 2006 by Google, but in turn sold to Trimble Navigation in April 2012 found.

SketchUp download

Architecture planning, product design and 3D games

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of the Sketchup Downloads proves to be quite varied, ranging from building models for Google Earth to architecture plans, illustrations and product design as well as 3D games, stage and level design.

publish their own SketchUp models on the Internet

Of the SketchUp download opens interested the world of professional 3D software. With the CAD program are achieved considerable results within a few hours of training. The finished buildings, landscapes and textures, the 3D architect example, Google Maps is available. These can be published in Google Earth or in the 3D Warehouse on the Internet.

SketchUp Download CAD

SketchUp Make is free for private use

The version SketchUp Make is released for non-commercial use for free use. Who uses the program professionally, must acquire the paid Pro version. This has several advanced features, including configurable line styles and terrain modeling. In addition, there are interfaces for data exchange with CAD systems. Numerous other CAD programs are available in our software catalog for free download.