Bid document program

With the Bid document Program Download capture user, based on Excel spreadsheets with detailed information on benefits under construction. The freeware shares this Listings clear and structured on the individual trades and spaces.

Bid document program download for construction projects of all kinds

In this way the bid document program allows a fairly good overview of all the work and the respective costs. For ease of understanding the freeware already offers an example directory. On this basis, to create your own constellations for construction projects without too much effort.

Bid document Program Download

Bid document as a basis for comparison deals

A bid document, abbreviated LV, documents a total power that is usually provided under a works contract. Here is the scope of a rule of several individual partial services, which are also called positions. Thanks to the clear representation of the complete contract debits an LV may very well serve as a basis to obtain several quotes and compare them with each other before an order is placed. The service specification has a tabular structure. The individual positions are provided with a position number, a quantity, unit, unit price (EP) and total price (GP) indicated meticulous. The total price is calculated by multiplying the quantity and unit price.

specify names for the project and project address

Who wants to open the bid document and edit MS Excel required as spreadsheet. However, the table also handles a compatible program such as Open Office Calc. In the main menu, the user can specify a name and address project for the construction project. The following menus are for the most important inputs are available: Project data, create LV, enter trades, enter premises, create LV input and LV. An interface to the price level is with the button "LV handover to Price Watch" on the home page also included.

Bid document contains a good overview of all trades

In the lower part there are the four tabs menu, as LV, model 1 and Init. Who clicks on menu, enters the starting area with the basic functions. Example LV, however, presents the actual specifications. This is the example solely of a flat lot with demolition of 10,000 € plus. VAT. Other positions for structural work, from the foundation plate to walls, ceilings and roof are noted, but remain in the example as "empty" Positions so that no further increase in the gross total amount of work. An overview of all individual trades can be seen under Init. From scaffolding and site equipment to steel work and Trockenbauarbeiten all major works are listed here. Other programs in the fields of "construction & craft" You will find in our software catalog for free download.

Bid document program download trades

Useful aid for builders With the bill of program download builders have a useful resource to hand to create your own bills and seek to offers. In this way you can add individual items quickly and easily or able to remove it from the project.