zygote Body

Of the Zygote Body Download provides a detailed account of the human body in the browser. Using a slider, it works in layers from the skin over the muscles and veins up to internal organs before.

Zygote Body download shows Body Worlds in the Web browser

The turn "Please give up." we know from visiting the family doctor. With Zygote Body you still go a few steps further, the patient places but a button and skin and other layers of the body off to a close look at the "inner values" to ensure. Alternatively, the individual body categories hide succession, alternatively turn Hobby physicians selected individual layers on and off.

Zygote Body Download

See details of human anatomy

If you just want to watch even a few details of human anatomy, comes with Zygote Body quickly to valuable information. For a targeted search, however, are a translator or detailed knowledge of English an advantage. No matter which way you choose - with a current browser achieved Zygote Body optically best results.