The spreadsheet task generator creates Exercise sheets for the primary and secondary school. Parents with school-age children know the problem: The tasks in the mathematics books for elementary school students are often insufficient. Either they are also too light for the best students of a class or too difficult for the weaker. Here the worksheet generator is used and provides enough supplies in the exercises.

Spreadsheet Task Generator download: math helper for elementary school students

The worksheet generator for elementary school automatically generates whole leaves full computing tasks, optionally with solutions or as vector graphics for the clipboard that fits the user quickly and easily into other documents. The tasks can do so according to the spreadsheet task generator download set as you desire and restrict. In this way, you can selectively practice particularly difficult calculation steps, for example when regrouping, with the children and has always sufficiently suitable feed material at hand.

Spreadsheet Task Generator download

Choice of calculation method, number range and wildcards

The Exercise Generator creates Worksheets to all basic arithmetic operations. In the main window, the free zoomable spreadsheet is accurate to see them as it will be printed later. Handling is straightforward. First, the user determines the type of task. There is a choice of calculation method, number range, wildcards, regrouping and much more. A total of more than 100 options available to the exercises exactly to their own needs and to the Learning and performance level of each child adapt.

edit worksheets in Word or OpenOffice

After designing the layout of the worksheet can be printed or copied to the clipboard in order to specifically rework it in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word 2013 or OpenOffice. the generated Spreadsheets can be saved and re-open at any time. They are stored with the file extension RBL. Because the Windows Explorer assigns them to the program, just click on a worksheet to call stored spreadsheets by double clicking in Windows Explorer easily.

Zoom factor can be set

The action bar is the Selection determining the zoom factor. This does not affect, of course, only the display on the screen, to the output to the printer. Another button in the toolbar is used to define the type of task. With "New tasks" are maintaining task type and layout only creates new tasks. As more buttons in the action bar "Copy to clipboard" and "To press" available symbols and for opening and storing a calculation sheet.

Spreadsheet Task Generator download worksheets

use special tasks with transitions

are almost in choosing the type of task numerous settings ready. while, tens and hundreds are abbreviated as E, Z and H. IG refers to a regrouping, so a reckoning over the next tens of time, which often causes particular difficulties dyscalculia children. With the matrix on the right side, the user defines the possible operand combinations. For example, it is determined that only tasks of form ZE + E (e.g., 34 + 8), HE + E (e.g., 205 + 9) (425 + 34, for example) to occur and HZE + ZE. If the check mark "as well ... as" is set, also the associated exchange tasks (TA) of the party, so in our examples E + ZE, E + HE, ZE + HZE. If Tens and hundreds transitions are with it or should be avoided, can also be specified with a mouse click.

bring multiplication table rows including exchange tasks on paper

In multiplication and division is between Multiplication table rows, products with large factors, factors within intervals chosen and special products. In addition, you can be limited to tasks in which both the first and the second factor is smaller than the 10th After this Spreadsheet Task Generator download no installation of the program is required. Thus, the program can be taken on a USB stick into a mobile practice run.

Spreadsheet Task Generator download basics

Create a targeted individual exercise sheets The spreadsheet task generator encouraged hardworking students to, in addition to practice mathematical skills. The freeware provides quick and easy Tasks ready to match the current state of knowledge of the students, but not in the textbook.