WhatsApp Status: Funny & definitely striking!

WhatsApp Status: Funny & definitely striking!

Who with his WhatsApp Status funny wants to bring his personal being expressed here is funny & crazy sayings and a brief guide on how to change the state!

To change after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iPhone the status, the messenger must first be started. In the main menu you will find the option status. If you select it and tap on the pencil icon are 139 characters available to – asked or unasked to deliver a witty message to his environment.

WhatsApp Status LustigThe matching WhatsApp Status: funny and witty – or sometimes just funny.

WhatsApp Status: funny & witty

Anyone wishing to combine humor and at least one approach level, should resort to this status Proverbs:

  • He who laughs last, did not tend to understand it.
  • Just smile! Because you can not kill them all.
  • Stop the world … I want to get off!
  • If I were you, I would like to me.
  • When life gives you a lime, ask for tequila and salt.
  • Hey there! WhatsApp is using me
  • Amazing how many people are confused when a sentence not as ends, as one potato …
  • Home is where your WLAN is.
  • I know more than you can ever forget.
  • Level seen only from below like arrogance.

Or not quite as witty

Who levels can remain calm stolen, found here the right WhatsApp Status: funny & no claim:

  • Let me do it, I know how! Oh, broken.
  • I’m bored, I’m tired, I’m cold, I’m hungry!
  • Somebody called me lazy today. I almost told him yet
  • Here my Scratch Status: %%%%%%
  • I hate them, these people who in mid-sentence …
  • I like this: Oh please! – My life as: Nope!
  • Here could be your advertising!
  • I risk more than to drop everything instead of going twice!
  • The biscuits were all, I’m just crazy!
  • ‘m in the woods, looking poisonous mushrooms.
  • I came, saw and forgot what I was doing.
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Haters gonna hate

Bad mood? Here’s the matching status:

  • Sure, you can sign up times. Just not with me.
  • This user has blocked you. / This contact has blocked.
  • I’m not hard of hearing. I ignore you easy.
  • My middle finger salutes you!
  • My life is like a party and you’re not invited.
  • annoyed one of my strengths.
  • You look how I feel!
  • I’ll follow you to the end of the world. And since I schubs you.
  • I know so many stupid people, but somebody always breaks the high score.
  • If stupidity would dissolve fat, you’re the king of Villarriba!

Love? Love, what is it?

Anyone looking for a WhatsApp status, which was funny, romantic? Here he will find it.

  • Bullied by Amor.
  • My relationship is like an iPad – I have no iPad!
  • New address: Cloud no. 7!
  • I am etepeteterosexuell.
  • give in good hands.
  • Relationship status: I’m lying diagonally in bed.