WhatsApp tones: MP3 & for contacts, messages calls

WhatsApp tones: MP3 & for contacts, messages calls

WhatsApp tones can be individually adapted: a spell for a particular contact, the ring tones for calls or even the favorite song on incoming messages. learn more here!

After downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS also own MP3 can be activated as a notification. However, these need to be set on the device as a message or ringtone in advance so that they are also for the Messenger available.

customize WhatsApp tones: MP3 define the smartphone

Who extensively uses the popular Messenger, but can not hear the standard tone, you must first adjust the system settings of his mobile device. The procedure usually varies slightly according to the manufacturer, in most cases there is, however, the main menu of the point sounds and notifications. Here both ringtones for calls and tones for incoming messages from their own music library can be selected. The default format is MP3, which is probably most of them use it for their music collection. If you have selected the appropriate song, sound or the correct language file, this is followed in each case as WhatsApp call or message tone available.

use individual sounds in Messenger

WhatsApp tones can be adjusted to exactly two ways. On the one hand for each contact or group to another as a global setting for all attempts at contact. The following describes the procedure is explained for both variants:

1. Determine the tones for a particular contact or a group

If you want to assign his loved the song together on incoming message or the contact attempt by the former or be warned by the sound of a bomb exploding, you can do that in the individual chat settings. For this, the conversation is first called with the contact or group and display the menu, select contact or group information selected. Now the own notifications must be activated. In the window that opens, the following options for incoming messages visit:

  • Notification: Here the predetermined MP3 file or a preset tone for incoming messages can be called.
  • Vibration: Here for incoming messages from the options: select Off, Standard, Short or Long.
  • Pop-up notification: This can either be or not and / or angzeigt with activated / deactivated screen.
  • Light: has Whose device via an LED function to select or deselect this option for incoming messages here, white, red, yellow, green, cyan, blue or purple.
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WhatsApp tonesWhatsApp tones can be set individually for individual contacts or groups.

For incoming calls still an individual ringtone for this contact and the vibration pattern can be set under this menu item. This option is currently only available for contacts, not for groups because at the moment no conference calls via WhatsApp can be performed.

And so, the whole works on the iPhone:

2. Set the WhatsApp tones across

The principle, to set the tone for all contacts, corresponding to the above description. For the global setting into the menu and select Settings and notifications must be selected only in the conversation list. Following the tones for messages or calls can be adjusted at will. By the way, here can also be for all groups Assigning Ringtone.

WhatsApp sounds for all notificationsSet WhatsApp tones global.