Fans of Agario get to the free Nebulous app an offshoot of the smartphone. Similar to the original, players must eat as many balls as possible - without being eaten. The game comes along with a space optics, a multiplayer and an offline mode.

Nebulous app: busting

Most the cult game Agario should be known. At first it was only available as a browser game. Before the original appeared as a mobile version, used the development team simplicial software the chance designed a branch for smartphones and tablets. Although the model is now available even for mobile devices, the Nebulous APK very popular.

Nebulous appPerfect for boredom: The Nebulous app

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices here and can be downloaded for free. Android users need the latest version minimum Android version 4.0.3 and for iPhone and iPad iOS 9.0 is required.

Eat and be eaten in the Nebulous APK

When you first start the app, the parallels to the forefront more than clearly are. However, the player does not get any easy balls, but planets he must take to grow at Nebulous. so the whole eating-and-be-eaten game takes place in outer space.

The player must now how he might already know it from the browser game, eat other spheres. The whole as possible nimble and best many as possible. Who creates the largest planet in the Nebulous app, emerged as the winner.

Sounds like a simple game principle - what it is in principle. However, of course you can not simply walk a shorter and cozy eat other balls. So move on the playing field are other players, which one must beware. The track that is exactly the same goal.

When you reach a certain size, it makes strategic sense to share his ball. This means that the planet can protect each other from enemy attacks feeding.

Nebulous app SkinsOver 300 skins for every taste

Several skins individuality

A nice gimmick are also the various skins that you can give his planet a very individual touch. Currently, there are already some 325 skins that you can unlock by one. It is also possible to purchase such as an in-app product.

playing with friends & form clans

The game comes with different game modes such as soccer, Domination or FFA Classic around the corner. This provides enough variety. In addition, a permit multiplayer modes to playing with his friends. Drivers who does not have Wi-Fi, you can switch to offline mode and thus effectively combat on trips his boredom.The developers add, moreover, constantly adding new modes and levels added, so it's not so easy to get to the end of Nebulous-level bar.