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The driving license test prepares learner online on the theory test before. The Web App provides corresponding questionnaires together for both two-wheelers and the car's license.

Driving Test to download for learner drivers

For which categories of licenses you want can be tested, the driving candidate selects the driving license test before the start of the query. To select the driving license test download are classes A, A1, A2, B, AM and the moped driver's license. Then just click on bow and create virtual testing can begin. Here ask driver's license test from both the basic and supplementary questions. In terms of appearance, the online auditors presented modeled on the papery sheets of the driving school.

Driving Test Download

Driving Test as a good preparation for the theory test

If you have clicked through the exam papers, the Fahrnovize experiences conclusively whether he has passed - or not. In the evaluation, the correctly answered questions are in green and the wrong answers in red deposited. Click on each question of controlled novice drivers, what answers would have been the right ones. It can then take an additional test or choose a different license class.

Driving Test Download evaluation

The theory test can be canceled prematurely

Individual questions, the user can omit. He just click on Previous question Next question or order through the 30 issues of the driving license tests to shimmy. The theory test can also be canceled at any time prematurely. A click on evaluating to see the results so far in this case.

Several test sheets for each license category

However, the learner should not be surprised if the unanswered questions will be counted in the score screen in a premature termination as an error. For each license category are various test sheets, each with 30 questions available, so that you have several options to consider their own theoretical knowledge and practice. Other programs for new drivers are available in our software catalog.

Driving Test Driving license Download

simulate theory test for free With the free license test learner simulate a theory test quickly and easily. It is about a excellent way to check the state of your knowledge, so as to decide whether the application for the theory test is already useful or whether some training and learning is still called for. Even those who have long years over the coveted "cloth" has, has the Driving Test Download a fun test at hand, the extent to which the most long-lost driving school knowledge is still present.