BPM Studio

BPM Studio

Of the BPM Studio Pro Download equips PC and notebook with virtual turntables together with mixer. The DJ software offers a wide range of functions and is aimed at small clubs and parties with semi-professional ambitions.

Music perfectly blend with the BPM Studio Pro Download

With BPM Studio Pro the party mix is ​​created in no time. In a clear list with sorting functions are all on the computer existing pieces of music with a click on. The song’s tempo automatically finds out the DJ software. There is a separate playlist available for each of the two playback decks. So the studio mixes in combination with the autoplay feature if desired hours by itself.

BPM Studio Pro DownloadMusic perfectly blend with the BPM Studio Pro Download (Image: Alcatech / Editorial)

Separate or coupled tempo and pitch controller

To adapt the songs are ready selectively coupled or separated from each other tempo and pitch adjuster, which regulate the range of 24% +/- 8% +/-. An automatic TempoSync will unfortunately miss music mixer in BPM Studio Pro download, but this stands out more in the dance area and is not necessarily needed for parties.

Web interface for remote control

Via user control different rights can be given to individual users. So you can let them play the notebook safely times alone, for example, only allow party guests to take songs in the playlist, and more. In addition, there’s support for a DJ remote, a web interface for remote control and a customizable user interface through skins.

Fade from one song to the next

Beat-syncing helps to smooth transitions. For the fade from one song to the next, a BPM counter measures at the request of the beat of songs and adjusts playback positions and speeds. An MP3 encoder is integrated. Audio CDs can be read. The connection to the CDDB song database ensures the correct titles of the music collection.


BPM Studio Pro offers two virtual turntables and a mixer

The DJ software is quite good for its own music mixes. DJs and sound hobbyists use two virtual turntables and a mixer and remove tracks from the hard disk to the virtual turntables. At the turntables a player, create playlists and of course the usual controls such as volume, pitch and speed are available. In the demo version of BPM Studio Pro not take a picture. In addition, the software after 45 minutes automatically shut off. More DJ programs can be found for free download in our software offering.

BPM Studio Pro Download MixerIn the demo version of BPM Studio Pro not take a picture. (Picture: Alcatech / Editorial)

Music mixer for aspiring DJs

The beauty of BPM Studio are helpful features such as automatic volume adjustment and user control. In addition, the studio is simple to use and is serving for the sound of festivities or for the radio operating well and quickly. Electronic DJs, however, EQ, filters and effects will miss and should look again at the other DJ software, especially since the BPM Studio works visually, not quite contemporary.

Limitations of BPM Studio Pro

No saving, 45 minutes running time per session, registration reminder

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