To delete the Clash of Clans account and start over

To delete the Clash of Clans account and start over

The Clash of Clans Delete Account and start the game again from scratch. We tell you how you can easily reset the game with this trick. learn more here!

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular multiplayer games on smartphone and tablet. In a world of barbarians, wizards and mystical beings, it is important to build a settlement and defend them using a powerful army. Players can make friends, swap figures or themselves into invincible clans. To rush into gigantic fantasy world of a Finnish software studios, just download Clash of Clans for Android and loszocken!

Clash of Clans Delete AccountClash of Clans Delete Account and a fresh start!

Delete Clash of Clans Account and dare to reboot

Currently, the game does not allow you to reset the score within the menu. Who wants to start over again, must go a little detour and delete his Clash of Clans Account. For this only a few steps must be followed. That’s how it works:

  1. First, the Clash of Clans App must be uninstalled. For this, the control panel of the device must be called and the app will be deleted.
  2. Now you have downloaded the app via the link above and be reinstalled.
  3. After the installation process, users are on their game center, the Google + – asked or Facebook account. Here a different account than has so far been selected.
  4. With the new account, the game can be played again from the beginning.

To delete the Clash of Clans account, users must therefore go the indirect route via the respective user account. A direct deletion of the account is not currently possible.

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return to the old Score

Since the score to the Game Center, Google+ or Facebook is coupled, can be accessed through these accounts again on the original game. For this, the above steps must be repeated one to three. After successful installation, users must log in again with their original account. The last stored Score should now be loaded and the game can be continued with a bit of luck at this point.

Permanently delete the Clash of Clans Account

Who wants to say goodbye forever from his account, but has bad cards. To the Games account can not be removed do after creation. The only way is to delete the respective account on the Game Center, Google+ or Facebook. As so often different access rights are still connected, the vast majority of users will opt for it. However, there is actually no need for an uninstall the app is sufficient in most cases.