Add Firefox Tabs – several ways

Add Firefox tabs to weiterzusurfen where you left off. Mozilla few clicks are needed for this. secure exciting Tabs now! Like all modern browsers, the download of Mozilla Firefox uses the tab browsing. Tabs are very useful for anyone who likes done several things at once on the Internet. However, they are unfortunately closed to the browser closed - annoying if a work has not been completed, or you want to see the contents of the tab at a later time. With a few simple steps but can be Add Firefox Tabs, so no one needs more call from memory again!

Add Firefox Tabs and relaxed to continue working

If this happens, the tabs will be restored automatically in Firefox. This is because the scale of Firefox chronicle, from which the most recently used pages can be reconstructed. The goal is to save the tabs of the last sessions for everyday use to be made quickly for future reference.

The Firefox Chronicle: a requirement

So the browser can save your Firefox tabs necessarily the Chronicle must be enabled. Normally this feature is turned on by default. If not, this setting must be changed. For this, the Privacy tab is opened in the settings menu. There is the menu item chronicle including a drop-down menu. Here, the Firefox setting Select Create a chronicle. Add Firefox Tabs Chronicle

Tabsicherung in a few steps

When the tabs were still open when you close Firefox, opening the tabs is done with a few clicks: Step 1: Open the menu icon. Usually, this is the far right and is represented by three superimposed beams. Step 2: There, select the point Chronicle. Add Firefox Tabs Restore Step 3: restore use the Previous Session button. Who uses the default home page of Firefox, has it even easier, because there is right below a symbol of the restoration of the last session. It is also possible that to automatically open tabs the last session at each meeting: 1&# 46; Step: Open the Settings menu 2&# 46; Step: Select the General tab 3&# 46; Step: Under the menu item Start open the drop-down menu and select the option Show windows and tabs of the last session. Add Firefox Tabs Home