Color Switch Cheats & Tips for high score

Color Switch Cheats & Tips for high score

The new micro-game wait brightly colored, but also very challenging tasks to the gamers. There would be a few Color Switch Cheats and tips not so impractical! Get help here!

Anyone looking for a fun pastime is well supplied with the free download of Color Switch App. The gameplay is quickly understood: The user must guide the small ball by various figures – but only if they have the same color. It sounds simple, looks it, but it is not far. The claim of the level rapidly increases.

Color Switch CheatsClever Color Switch Cheats & Tips (Picture: Fortafy Games / Editorial)

Is there proper Color Switch cheats?

Before we give users some useful tips and tricks along the way, we would like to warn the network from dubious offers. Anyone who sets out to search for cheats or hacks will find it in any case. However, behind these pages often scammers who have nothing to give, but just want something: money and data of the user. Here one should therefore be careful. Best not make downloads of pages that are a suspect and nowhere provide personal information. As convenient as some real color switch codes also would – but there are currently none.

Color Switch cheats cheatersBeware of scams that offer cheat codes for color switch. (Image: Color Switch Hack / Editorial)

Helpful tips & Tricks for Color Switch

Nevertheless, one can its luck in the game a little help on the jumps, considering for example the following tips. With the right strategy you can namely also complete all the levels successfully and getting closer to the high score.

The right timing

In Color Switch especially good reflexes are needed. On one hand, you have to react very quickly to push the ball at the right moment by moving objects. On the other hand, it also has to hold back and wait to until the right color gives way. So do not be too hectic!

Nobody stops at Color Switch time

A simple but very important point, which saves a Color Switch cheats, if you follow him: You have no time constraints. Nowhere is running a countdown. One should therefore, after having crossed an obstacle before the next sometimes take a moment to check up the environment short. By tapping one can keep his ball going without moving it forward.

pause the game

What makes the game so tricky is that can be stored no progress among others within a level. Once you collides with an object, you have to start over. Who it at one point or other authority shall be afloat, which in this case can even use the pause button. Two tips about this: One function at a slight level should test times to see how fast they respond. On the other hand, one should move by gently tapping his ball on the spot and the button with the other hand use (top right).

Color Switch Cheats PauseWho wants to pause the game, it should once before testing. (Picture: Fortafy Games / Editorial)

Music distracts

Although the music is in the game really succeeded, it can sometimes help to turn them quieter or eradicate them completely. So the beats may be able to influence their own rhythm.

More Tips for Color Switch

One should especially make a conscious: It’s just a game. We therefore recommend that if you take does not get further, the game also easy to put away again and breathe. If one is totally cramped, not help one the greatest Color Switch cheats. Finally, it should still be fun.
These tips can also help:

  • One does not necessarily meet the matching color of the objects. One can also bumble without touching – even that is considered a success.
  • On the outer sides there are small buffer – just try it.
  • Perhaps this is a consolation: Most gamers die when they meet for the first time on new items before they progress.
  • The highest score that you can achieve in the game is 999 points – but that is hardly possible without switch Color cheats or hack. Real players move generally at 400 points – this one is really good!