Navigator Free Setup Utility

The Navigator Free Setup Utility packs the installation routine for the free GPS software PC Navigator Free on the computer. The Navigator Free Download There are several variants: not only for Windows PC but also for smartphones and tablets as a free offline navigation app on Android and Windows Phone.

Navigator Free Download as free navigation in Windows

The Navigator Free Setup Utility provides the installation routine for navigation software and maps. With the dropdown menus to select the desired apps and maps. As GPS maps used open source OpenStreetMap. The installer gives it a fast and reliable access to the latest map material for Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Australia. In order for the GPS navigation works under Windows, it still required in addition to the freeware of course a corresponding GPS receiver.

Navigator Free Download

transfer date maps on the device or memory card

The interface of the software is shown after the Navigator Free downloading and installing held to be quite clear and presents four large buttons. By clicking on "install application" the user gets the choice of whether to install the PC Navigator or Navigator for a mobile device, depending on which system and device he used for navigation. With "install data" however, to date mapping is transmitted directly to the device or on a memory card.

Free license key is retrieved at the touch

Under "product updates" You can check that by now already program updates have been made. In the settings, finally, the free license key is to see that the user may be requested by the installation of a button. The other options relate among others, the language of the user interface and proxy settings.

Navigator Free Download Cards

Navigator Free enables reliable navigation in Windows

The Navigator Free Download paves the way towards free navigation for Windows. Who here has problems can get help in English Mapfactor forum. For more directions from other manufacturers for free download in our software offering.