Is down? Here’s solutions and alternatives

Is down? Here’s solutions and alternatives

You want to watch alone a series, but the service refuses: Is down? On what to do and how – definitely better and more Legal! – alternatives look like, we’ll tell you here! downIf is down, alternatives are needed. (Image: Train Stream / Editorial) down or completely offline?

With free streaming sites that’s always a bit tricky: When she’s not working, you never know exactly whether this is a temporary problem or whether the operators have got problems and the page has been definitively withdrawn from the grid. This could happen even when download The possibilities:

  • You have a Problem with your Internet: Tests only once, if you can access other pages. If that does not, start your router and / or the device.
  • Only not work: Do other users the same problem? If a service provider to that of the stream for the general public is not working, always quickly a great uproar in the net result. Looks best for online if you can find a new fault map. There, you can see directly if other users have reported problems. Then we have to wait until the service is working again.
  • May only one of Videohoster a problem. If down seems to be, it can also be that just one of the great Hoster – currently are the among other things, Vivo and streaming cloud – just offline. The serial stream side should then still be reached.
  • Logs of Support somewhere to speak? In 2016 there were, for example, a large DDOS attack on the service that has crippled the servers over three days. Normally, the site operators such thing known on a special page. So would you also pointed out, if a really big problem and the page may no longer goes online. es legal o peligroso? down selectionAlthough the selection is huge – legal but the whole thing is anyway. Means that even if the service should not be down: Legal alternatives are the better choice. (Image: Train Stream / Editorial)

What to do if the site does not work?

Wait for series fans do not always have the option. You give your resume watching the favorite TV show right now.

But whether down or not: Generally you should you for legal alternatives look! Of course, the series offer is nowhere as large and varied as on this page. Nevertheless Legal is the whole thing at least since the decision of the European Court in the spring of 2017 for you as a user no longer. While you load anything up, but you would you view willfully streams that are provided by one side which cooperates with illegal people hosters. And that makes you to this very court order now punishable. More you can learn here:

  • Fatales streaming judgment of the European Court!
  • Is legal or dangerous?

Search alternatives: Where’s series legal?

Legal alternatives – not only when down is – are the typical payment services such as Netflix, Maxdome, Sky or Amazon Prime Video, for a monthly or annual fee. For this, you will gain selected, produced in part by the providers themselves, premium content.

There are also several free alternatives such Clipfish or various media libraries of television stations, where the selection is indeed very limited, under which, however, find some real jewels.

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Sorry, no legal alternatives offers such a wide variety as Still, who wants to be on the safe side, should decide against such streaming portals and use legal channels.

If you want to know which trains run where, looks simple but on or invites you to Just Watch your browser settings. You can find more information about this in the following article: Where can Serienjunkies legally stream shows?

Incidentally, there is also a whole series on YouTube that have been legally uploaded there. An example is the series Gamer Video Game High School:

Many of these series can be seen in the original English, but stocked with well-placed subtitles. Among other things, you will find a selection on this channel. But German-language content available. Just take a pass on the channels of German television. Then it may not matter to you even if is down.