Viber out: calls worldwide at a bargain price!

Around the world, one can with Viber Out calls at low prices. The only requirement is the current Viber app download. Called people need to do not have the app installed on their device. The savings are enormous. Fixed and mobile calls to the US, for example, there is something for 2 cents per minute. How necessary Viber Out charges the credit for this and where you can check out the different rates Viber, is clarified in the following paragraphs.

phone calls with Viber Out

As WhatsApp alternative Viber has long been known. With the Messenger service you can send not only short text messages, photos or Viber stickers, but also make calls through the Internet connection. Talk to other Viber users are always free of charge. Since 2013 you can call at low prices with the app, any landline and mobile phones.

Viber Out is a pre-paid offer. This means that unintended costs are excluded from the outset. On the other hand, the account you have previously charged with so-called Viber Out Credit. If the Viber app already installed, proceed as follows:

  • Opening the Viber app
  • Menu icon click
  • Viber Out
  • Buy creditBy default, the user has the amounts 0.99 euro and 4.99 euro for recharging are available.Viber out

Viber Out Costs: Up to 400 percent cheaper than Skype

How much a Viber Out costs call, you can also look on the internet in advance. On the Viber Out Council site simply adding to the desired country name. Calls to Italy, for example, there is something for 2.0 cents per minute (landline). The Italian mobile network, the Viber out costs amount to 8.3 cents per minute. Iceland will cost 12.5 cents per minute (mobile network) or 3 cents (landline). German calls cost 6.2 cents per minute (mobile) and 2.0 cents per minute (landline).

Compared to the top dogs among VoIP providers Skype Viber Out up to 400 percent is more favorable as it shows the confrontation to market. Calls from Viber users to Viber users are independent always free of charge.

Viber Out Rate Comparison

Viber app available for various operating systems

Since 2010, the WhatsApp- and Skype alternative for iOS on the market. The app for Android devices was a year later at the start. Meanwhile, there is the service for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Windows 8. Established the company was out of the four Israelis Talmon Marco ,, Sani Maroli, Igor Megzinik and Ofer Smocha. In February 2014, the Japanese company Rakuten has taken over the service.