Ixquick searches the Internet for the information. The free meta-search engine proves to be different than many other providers to be very discreet and does not store any user data.

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Most search engines collect the IP address of the user's search terms used, the links you click and other information during a query. This information can be compressed into a user profile - the glass surfers getting closer. Ixquick other hand stores for the Internet search no personal data. When looking for the service relies on the results of other search services. The meta search engine gives users thus back a little privacy. Who does not trust other search engines and still do not want to give up their results, is well served with Ixquick. Upon request, you call the search results via the integrated proxy anonymous.

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Server Location can be set even at Ixquick

At Ixquick is a native of the Netherlands, meta-search engine, founded in 1998 by David Bodnick and currently relies on the search results from Yahoo, Yandex and Gigablast. According to information provided by the provider voluntarily committed themselves to capture or store any private data from users. The company was acquired in 2000 by Surfboard Holding BV and lives as a business model of contextual advertising. Searches from Europe are generally drawn to European servers according Ixquick. Suspicious user can use a new feature in the settings to set itself the server location here. Ixquick also allegedly against NSA surveillance and spying, because the search is backed by a powerful SSL encryption. As a Dutch company Ixquick is not subject to US jurisdiction and thus provides protection from US data collection programs such as PRISM or the Patriot Act.

18 different languages ​​to choose from

Apparently you can trust the information provided by the search engine company thoroughly. This was even the awarded the first European Privacy Seal Euro pinch. Whether it is - as noted in the self-expression - really is the most powerful metasearch engine of the world, is another gege provides. The search provides 18 different languages ​​to choose from. Useful is the ability to use an extended syntax.

Star system in the search results

Ixquick offers To present sophisticated combination of several search engines most relevant results. These are symbolized by a star system. An asterisk per search engine will be allocated if the hit is found among the top ten rankings. The optimum is currently a featured with three stars search result.

Ixquick offers additional pictures and video search

In addition to finding websites does Ixquick further options available, one among others, Phonebook, picture and video search. The period of search hits can be similar to Google restrict: Last 24 hours last week, last month or last year. In the settings, advanced search engine users find numerous extras to suit the result specific to your own wishes. For example, to specify whether the meta-search engine only when exactly discovered expressions to spit hit or already when at least one of the words presented is tracked. Other tools on "anonymization" Please refer to our software offering for free download.

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The discreet search engine in the world Ixquick bills itself as the most discreet search engine in the world, as be used neither IP addresses or tracking cookies and no searches recorded. As alternatives, the search services qwant and Startpage and DuckDuckGo offer themselves otherwise.