The grandiose image downsizer

The grandiose image downsizer brings photos for amateur photographers in the right size. Contrary to the naming the freeware reduced not only digital snapshots, but enlarges upon request. Whether individual photos or entire series of images in a folder - with the image converter convert their users PNG, BMP or JPEG photos into a single resolution by.

Faster mail sending photos via image downsizer Download

Although the name of the freeware sound a little cocky and exaggerated, but the image downsizer Download saves just users who have little experience in working with large amounts of pictures, a lot of time and work. Those who want to send, for example, the snapshots of his digital camera that are known to be mostly taken at a very high resolution, comes without conversion limits. With the image downsizer can convert all the images quickly and easily saving in an additional user version to send them by e-mail.

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Prefabricated profiles for standard resolutions are available

An installation of mobile software is not required. one selects the source directory on the surface of the grandiose Bildverkleinerers where to find the images to be processed. The user then sets the Output size of the photos in pixels or percent fixed. Prefabricated profiles for standard-definition 640x480 or 1024x768 are as ready as manual entry fields for individual pixel sizes.

retained the original images

By request maintains the free helper, the aspect ratio of the shooting in. The quality of the photos or the strength of the image compression can be the grandiose image downsizer between "hot" and "würg" set with the slider. Since the freeware moves all rescaled images in a separate folder, the originals are preserved.

automatically insert any string in the pictures names

The subfolder is automatically generated by image downsizer and obtains the title in the field "Name of the target directory" is entered. A any string can also be added to the beginning of each file name. Who here, for example, "Vacation Croatia" enters, gets in an original image with the name "P0123.jpg" the reduced image "Vacation-Croatia-P0123.jpg",

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Grandiose image downsizer prevents distortions and uncleanness

To avoid that it comes in the reduced images to uncleanliness, the function of the "antialiasing" be used. Also worth mentioning is the option "note portrait / landscape", If it is enabled, e.g., also vertical pictures correctly treated at a desired pixel size of 800x600 and scaled down to 600x800 pixels. This prevents the snapshots are pressed into the distorted landscape format with 800x600 pixels. Of the Users should maintain the aspect ratio is usually so images are resized without distortion. If he leaves one of the two fields for height or width empty, the freeware automatically calculate the aspect ratio.

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