BVB netradio

BVB netradio

For the black and yellow thanks Norbert Dickel cult, precisely for their opponents so a blood pressure increasing agent: The BVB netradio. Free and in the network of the announcer says his own view of the Games of Borussia from Dortmund.

BVB netradio Download: For all of Borussia Games

The BVB netradio always goes to the parts of Dortmund on air. This applies to the Bundesliga just like the games in the national as well as international cup. So if the champions can not track in front of the TV or via live streaming League encounters BVB should download once risk an ear after BVB netradio. The BVB netradio always starts exactly fifteen minutes before kickoff and can be easily received also by iPhone and Android devices.

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Gate, Tooooor, Goal for Borussia Dortmund

A very special The highlight of the BVB Netradios as an example from the legendary Champions League match between Borussia Dortmund and Málaga CF: "Lewandowski now with the cross in the middle, which is not bad. Slide, Reus, Reus centers. Now ‘make him look … goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, Tooooor! Goal for Borussia Dortmund! 3: 2, here all freak out! The whole BVB is encouraging grass. I did not pack ‘it, I do not pack it!"

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Extensive audio archive of Bundesliga and Champions League

However, unfortunately, there is outside the seasons with BVB netradio silence. For this, in the 90 or more minutes in the broadcasts of the Bundesliga games and the European competitions in the live stream is all the more necessary. moreover contains the archive broadcasts ended Games from Bundesliga, Champions League, Super Cup, German Cup and friendly matches. The loyal BVB fan can start this download numerous funny and exciting audio highlights from the last three seasons free and without prior notification.

Up to 400,000 BVB fans are live at the BVB netradio here

Commentators Boris Rupert and Norbert Dickel had only transferred the home games in the early years of the BVB radios, but now comment all matches of Borussia with great enthusiasm and certainly not neutral. The netradio has now an average of 100,000 listeners. With crucial games as the second leg in the last Champions League semi-final even 400,000 fans cheered with the computer.

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A must-download for all black and yellow

The BVB is a netradio Audio live stream for fans and friends of the BVB, accompanied by atmospheric Nobby Dickel and Boris Rupert. To all the games in the Bundesliga, the German Cup European competitions with BVB participation they present countless background information with a lot of yellow and black heart and soul. There are also interesting stories about the club, the players and to set up the team.

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