Dictionary Swedish-German

Dictionary Swedish-German also offers a vocabulary trainer beside a reference for expressions. In addition, the shareware provides an overview of the grammar of the Scandinavian languages. The search function of Dictionary Swedish-German scoured the supplied database by entering the desired term. If a search result in multiple hits, you jump a simple mouse click or […]

Flashcards school English vocabulary

These cards contain almost 3,000 German and English words. For this, the index card system"Rldb"required, which can be downloaded from http://www.glowe.gmxhome.de/Down/Rldb.zip. You can add more words, classify them into self-selected categories and levels of difficulty and add an outline. By a random generator can display the questions in different sequences. You can add more words, […]

Greek vocabulary trainer

Greek vocabulary trainer helps you learn new and ancient Greek vocabulary. For this, the freeware brings a spziellen brief, which is automatically installed with. Greek vocabulary trainer provides you add your own vocabulary lists, you can then issue with your own printer as a kind of vocabulary book in paper form. If you like to […]

AREA pressure graph paper sheet

AREAL brings a printing center with many practical templates for graph paper & Co. home. On request, we own requirements also adjusts the ready-made templates. Whether graph paper, lined or checkered sheets, whether ready format, self-chosen intervals, logarithmic units, sheet music, or tables - AREAL has it on board. Users select between portrait and landscape […]

The Schreibtrainer – 10 finger typing

The Schreibtrainer - 10 finger typing carries the program function-explanatory name. With the shareware learn computer users with sophisticated and accessible exercise methods ten tap system. The Schreibtrainer - 10 finger typing supports learners with many tips and useful advice. Who attaches great importance to a comprehensive and clear analysis of the results obtained, is […]

School grades student version

With the School grades students Version Download Calculate in the main Bavarian students their grades. The free computer saves in this way but some unpleasant surprise on the day of testimony output. School grades student version download with preview of the testimony In the ZIP file of the grades students version, two versions of the […]

Annika naked and dead

Annika, naked and dead is the title of a detective novel with social criticism. This is available to interested readers as a free PDF for download. Initially, a chief inspector is called to a Tator in the forest. As the Titel Annika leaves, naked and dead suspect is here on a felony to clarify that […]

book2 German – Czech

Anyone who is interested in learning the basics of Czech, only needs two things: discipline and book2 German - Czech Download. The latter brings 100 lessons in the form of audio files on the PC. The advantage of the Czech teacher is always there. Free language teachers: book2 German - Czech Download Anyone who wants […]

KDataScope – VAG-COM log file analyzer

With the KDataScope - VAG-COM log file analyzer download can be analyzed log files recorded VAG-COM. KDataScope - VAG-COM log file analyzer facilitates troubleshooting The troubleshooting of automotive diagnosis is so much easier. A zoom function as well as saving and printing of diagrams can malfunction easily recognize and graph. Those looking for more scientific […]