recharge, query or give credit App Store

be who App Store credit wishes to query, recharge it or give it away, here learns step by step how to do it. Full information about iTunes is available here in the practical overview! After iTunes for Windows download, you can manage more easily from a Windows PC to be iTunes credits by the way. […]

First Aid: Forgot iTunes security issues

Who has forgotten its iTunes safety questions can reset it and request a new one. It's so simple. Apple ID Renew your protection now! The management software iTunes is actively used by many music and movies lovers. iTunes does not only work on Apple devices, but runs with the free iTunes download for Windows on […]

Computer authorize iTunes – Here’s how!

With little effort you can Computer authorize iTunes. Find out now, had worked and what to pay attention to it! Many fans of digital music and digital movies manage their collection now with the popular iTunes software from Apple. Available not only for Mac users. Here you can download iTunes for Windows for free. A […]

delete duplicates in iTunes – it works!

who in Delete iTunes Duplicates wants gets below a step-by-step instructions. We reveal how users search quickly and easily duplicate items in your iTunes library and remove the same. Learn More Now, exactly how it works and what the user should be aware there! delete duplicates in iTunes: Finally more space! For real music and […]

iTunes Server to set up: So it goes

Setting up an iTunes server to make listening to music even simpler, is not so difficult. How to do this, you can learn here! iTunes is now regarded as a known management program from Apple for multimedia files. All media files can be so very easy to manage, and in addition the libraries between all […]

How does iPhone restore without iTunes?

Be Restore iPhone without iTunes is often the only way to bring a damaged machine back up and running. learn more here! If, during the popular iPhone to problems in the operating system can often only help restore the device to its factory settings. In most cases, the manufacturer's media management software is used. Thanks […]

What you can do with the iTunes Error -50

If in the popular media manager of the iTunes Error -50 occurs, it depends often together with the store purchased content. The problem, however, can easily fix. , Continue like! For lovers of digital movies, music and audiobooks management software such as iTunes is ideal. The software from Apple is now no longer available exclusively […]

iTunes Error 3194: What to do?

For both Windows as well as Mac users, the iTunes Error 3194 occur. Fortunately, it can be resolved without much effort. Simply follow the instructions and continue to enjoy iTunes. As digital movie and music collection have to be ordered and maintained, many lovers of the digital media using the management software iTunes from Apple. […]

iTunes will not install – what to do?

If a problem occurs on some Windows PCs and iTunes will not install, there are various solutions. to learn more here! Apple's iTunes is considered modern and very simple solution to manage their own film and music collection. In addition, a variety of devices can be synchronized with each other so that, for example, always […]