Coloring Pages flowers

Coloring Pages flowers for children and adults: 14 free designs for print, color in and coming down. Here again find inner peace with the coloring and relax! Following the trend: coloring pages flowers Currently storming coloring books for adults, the best-seller lists of the book trade. The trend is - as always - from America […]

Biathlon World Cup calendar

Of the Biathlon World Cup calendar download includes the complete biathlon schedule 2015/16. All Biathlon World Cup events in the current season, the opener in Ă–stersund to completion in Khanty-Mansiysk on March 20 in Russia are available for quick reference and print in biathlon calendar as a PDF document. Biathlon World Cup calendar download: Biathlon […]

My training diary

My training diary was formerly known as AnalyseMe training diary and serves amateur athletes to identify and monitor the success of their physical exercises. The shareware presents itself mainly though focused on endurance sports, but is also suitable for ball and racket sports such as tennis. Thus Active can show their sporting and not work […]

Hydro drinking water

Who has the regular drinking just not internalized and constantly forgets the handle to the water glass, can now be helped! With the Hydro drink water App the user gets an efficient reminder application on his smartphone. In addition to customizable reminders, the app a computer for the water needs willing and produces statistics and […]

Shopping List

Of the Shopping List Download want to send the simple shopping list retire. The database records required products and prices in a practical overview. Shopping List Download: Clever Shopping list at your fingertips Shopping list simplifies Compiling personal shopping lists. The software takes shopping lists for different stores, and the goods there usually purchased with […]

Blood Pressure Data Manager

Of the Blood Pressure Data Manager Download managet as the name suggests, the various data related to blood pressure and pulse rate. These are then evaluated in a graph, so that they can be presented to a doctor. The download of blood pressure data manager gives information about the own blood pressure The slim but […]

recipe management

Recipe Management maintains own recipes and information on the processed foods in it. The freeware assumes all recipe ingredients automatically into a food database, where they manage home cooks comfortable. The surface of the recipe management proves to simply as useful as well. The main window presents a sortable and filterable list of all stored […]

Football Euro 2012 Wallpaper of the DFB

The European Football Championship 2012 wallpaper DFB bring some of the players of the German national team to the home desktop. The Web App presented alongside Einzelportaits also Mannschafts- and group photos, and this in various resolutions for common monitor sizes. So the European Football Championship 2012 are wallpapers of the DFB in moderation between […]

Christmas coloring pages

Of the Coloring Christmas Download offers children wonderful, free coloring pages with designs suitable for Christmas. Many different coloring pages, coloring books and window color motifs are available in the WebApp to download and print. Christmas coloring pages Download: print and paint angels, snowman or star Children can use the images related to Christmas, Angels, […]