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create and send WhatsApp GIF

You can actually via Create GIF WhatsApp. The Messenger has integrated a function that makes it possible to generate a GIF of short videos. Here are the step by step instructions! With the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS or updating to the latest version of this fantastic new feature comes to the smartphones. ...

WhatsApp Sniffer & Co: What can the spy tools?

Spy software like WhatsApp Sniffer or MSPY promise the tracking and monitors from other smartphones remotely. What can the tool and may you actually read foreign news? After downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, the transmission of messages through an end-to-end encryption is protected. Nevertheless, promise a number of providers of ...

WhatsApp calls cost – Then you have to pay

WhatsApp calls cost are not charged to the Messenger, they depend on the data rates of mobile operator. There are all about the data usage and potential cost traps. How WhatsApp calls incur costs Since Latest users of Messenger application WhatsApp can telephone for Android with each other. The introduction of the telephone function has ...